a person praying

Bringing the community closer to God and strengthening faith – these are things that we endeavor to achieve at First United Methodist Church. In order to do so, we offer regular worship schedules open for all members of the community.

Service Times
Worship in person – Traditional Worship Sundays at 11:00 AM (Worship service is available on our Facebook page: First United Methodist Church, New Smyrna Beach, FL)
Adult Sunday School 9:00 AM Fellowship, 9:30 AM Class (If you would like to participate remotely, send an email request to firstumcnsb@firstmethodistnsb.org, and we will email you the zoom link.)

Holy Communion
Offered monthly on the first Sunday. A person does not have to be a United Methodist or a member of this particular church. We invite all who honestly are seeking the presence of Christ in their lives, and desire to receive God’s grace with an intention to lead a transformed life in God’s world.